On 2/17/11, Emily Carroll wrote:
> I am looking for documentation of the validation of the GIMP software. So
> some sort of document showing that GIMP does what it says it does. For
> example, proving that it correctly counts the number of pixels in the
> histogram function. Does this kind of documentation exist and if yes where
> can I find it? I was unable to find this on the GIMP website. Thanks!!

Hi Emily,

As part of upcoming v2.8 the team will provide so called regression
tests that do more or less what you want: they test every many
features of the application to find out whether these features do what
they are supposed to do.

Other than that I can't give you a better answer until you elaborate a
little what exactly you want this information for, so that I could
understand your requirements better.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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