On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 19:08 -0600, Leonard Evens wrote:
> I've been using gimp under different versions of Fedora Linux for years.
> I just installed Fedora 14 on a new computer with all the accompanying
> gimp packages I could think of.  I think I included essentially all of
> them.
> But I seem to be having problems finding things.
> 1.  I downloaded the Exposure Blend Plugin.  I put it in my
> personal .gimp-2.6/plug-ins directory.   The instructions say I can find
> it by going to 
> [Toolbox]/Xtns/Photography/Exposure Blend...
> I can't find Xtns in the toolbox.  Where should I look for it?
> 2.  I downloaded pandora-combine-0.9.3.scm and put it as instructed in
> my personal .gimp-2.6/scripts directory.   But I can't find it in gimp.
> I suppose I'm just being stupid, but I've used pandora before, so this
> is rather frustrating.

I found instructions to do Filters>script-fu>Refresh Scripts.

That produced the following message.

Plug-in "script-fu"
attempted to register the menu item "<Image>/Filters/Combine" for
procedure "script-fu-pandora-combine".
The menu label given in gimp_install_procedure() already contained a
path.  To make this work, pass just the menu's label to

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