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> I'm sending tiff files to GIMP (version 2.6.7 for Windows) from a raw
> converter.  The tiff files contain a lot of EXIF data such as Fnumber,
> FocalLength, ExposureTime, ISO. and so-on.  When I save as jpeg from 
> GIMP, most of the EXIF data is discarded.  In the "Save as JPEG" dialog,
> the checkbox "Save EXIF data" (under Advaned Options" is unchecked.
> It is grayed out so I cannot check it.

The Exif data is discarded when opening the TIFF files. So far, only the JPEG 
plug-in reads and saves Exif data from and to image files.

> Here are my questions: (1) Is the Windows version of GIMP packaged with
> libexif? 


> (2) If not, is there a workaround?  

A workaround is to use a different tool - e.g. exiftool - to extract the Exif 
data from the original files and add it back to the resulting files.

A fix would be to add Exif support to more file format plug-ins (e.g. TIFF, PNG 
and possibly others).

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