Leonard Evens writes:
> I had previously posted something saying I had trouble installing the
> script
> pandora-combine-0.9.3.scm
> under gimp 2.6.11 running under Fedora 14.
> To see the resolution of this problem look at
> /registry.gimp.org/node/25080
> which includes my statement of the problem and a solution.
> It would be nice if someone made a fix to the script at its website.

In 2.6.8 from Ubuntu, 2.6.11 from source and 2.7 from git source, I
can't reproduce this problem at all.

I put pandora-combine-0.9.3.scm in ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts and it registers
without any errors, and shows up in Filters->Combine->Arrange as

I can only guess you have some other script or plug-in installed
that's somehow conflicting with Pandora. What other scripts and
plug-ins do you have installed locally?

I notice both you and the person who replied have gimp installed in
/usr/lib64. I wonder if there could be an issue with registering
script-fu on a 64-bit install?

Renaming script-fu-pandora-combine to script-fu-my-combine makes no
sense to me unless you have two different versions of Pandora
installed. I don't see why renaming it would make any difference.

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