Running GIMP 2.6.10 on Windows XP system.  

For a long time, my GIMP has had trouble detecting my Wacom Intuos3 tablet upon 
startup, with the result that GIMP would not respond to the tablet pen 
whatsoever (i.e: no extended input devices found).  I generally could work 
around this by starting GIMP's program shortcut using the tablet pen instead of 
my mouse, but that ceased to work as of about yesterday.

So earlier today I updated my Wacom tablet driver to the latest available 
version -- tablet pen is back to ordinary working order again!  Except now I 
have a NEW problem:  GIMP won't acknowledge the mouse pointer anymore.

I can use the mouse to navigate window and interface elements, but absolutely 
nothing happens when I try to operate my mouse inside the main image area.  I 
can't draw, select, or even zoom the window at all -- as far as GIMP is 
concerned, the main mouse doesn't exist.

This is extremely annoying, as while I do want to use my tablet in GIMP, I'm 
not going to be using it all the time (and being left-handed I prefer to do 
some functions by mouse, particularly scrolling/zooming, anyway).

What do I look for to address this issue?

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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