On 02/28/2011 08:38 AM, joedaddy wrote:
> Hello all. I'm new to using GIMP. I was able to drag/drop 1 photo into the 
> canvas but unable to drag anymore into same canvas. I have several layers 
> with 1 photo, border effects, and type. but, cannot drag any additional jpg 
> photos into project. Is there something that I am missing here?
Yes.  If it's what I'm thinking of, it happens to all of us when 
learning GIMP.  The image is of a certain size.  If you created the 
image by dragging a picture onto GIMP, then it's the size of that 
picture.  If you drag something to a place outside of that image size it 
won't show up.  (Same thing happens with any layer, if you drag 
something outside the layer boundary if won't be visible.)  The fix is 
to make the image big enough for all the things you want to show.  You 
can do that from the image menu under canvas size.  Then you'll be able 
to drag the layer created when you dragged the second pic into the new 
area.  (I'm assuming it did work when you dragged the picture, but the 
new image is behind the old image and you can't see it.)  If it's behind 
the first one, you'll not see it, but if you select its layer, click on 
the move tool and click and drag on the image you'll drag it out from 
under.  Alternatively, you can raise it's layer in the layer dialog so 
you can see what you're doing.  You do that by clicking on the layer 
label (the label will be the same as the name of the image you dragged 
onto GIMP), and then clicking the up arrow at the bottom of the layer 

If I'm wrong, and that isn't the problem you were having, perhaps more 
explanation would help?


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