On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 02:51:08PM +0200, M@thew Green wrote:
> I didn't even know you could turn off brush outlines. I took it as a
> mini-challenge to see if I could work it out. BTW, to create some context
> for my experience I have been using GIMP since 2003, and designing /
> "architecting" web sites since 1994. Here's what I found :)
>    - I first went to the *brushes dialog* and looked all the options
>    (refresh, delete, duplicate, etc). No luck there...
>    - I tried right clicking on the *brushes tab* and all I got was a list of
>    the other docked tabs (Brushes, patterns, Gradients, Fonts, etc). No luck
>    there...
>    - I then went to the *tools menu* and scanned through the options listed
>    there. Nothing.
>    - Then I went to the *Preferences dialog box* from the Edit menu.
>    Scanning through the sections listed on the left, I first tried tool
>    options, Nothing.
>    - Then I went to *Google *and typed in "*turn off gimp brush outlines*".
>    The second result was the one I chose, a link to chapter 11 of the GIMP
>    manual, *Pimp my GIMP*. After doing a text search on the page for *brush
>    out*, I scrolled up to see what section of Gimp was being referred to and
>    found that you can turn off brush outlines in the *Image Windows *section
>    of the *Edit / Preferences *menu.  If you look under *Mouse Pointers*,
>    you will see an option allowing you to do this...
> Not the most intuitive approach, but I did learn something new about the
> GIMP, though :)

i have personally lost touch with the meaning of the word intuitive so 
"intuitive approach" is even less without meaning.

i suspect that the approach was the intuition and the gui is not so intuitive.
familiarity comes by use.

gimp-1.2 on a dual processor is impressive, btw.


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