On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 03:23:51PM +0200, Jeremy Nell wrote:
>       Simple comparison: An A4 page, 300DPI, open in both applications. 
>       Grab a paint brush and and increase its size considerably.  Paint
>       across the canvas and watch how much GIMP lags; the rendering of
>       the strokes trails the brush, while in Photoshop, it's almost
>       immediate.<br>
>       <br>
>       This means that system resources play a role, but so does the
>       actual rendering engine inside GIMP.&nbsp; For web design, you don't
>       notice this, but for DTP, you certainly do.<br>
>       <br>
>       Apparently, though, this won't change for another few releases.&nbsp;

do you run Photoshop on Windows or on Ubuntu?


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