> This speed problem is, for me, the single most frustrating aspect about
> GIMP.  (I can live with its inferior text tools, but real-time rendering
> should be beefed up.)
As usual, easier said than done.

>Simple comparison: An A4 page, 300DPI, open in both >applications.  Grab a 
>paint brush and and increase its size >considerably.  Paint across the canvas 
>and watch how much >GIMP lags; the rendering of the strokes trails the brush, 
>while in >Photoshop, it's almost immediate.
My computer doesn't have a problem with it unless I'm going very fast
and have the spacing at its lowest.

I don't know, but I don't use brushes that fast. And if I did, it
would be hard to control the brush (quickly responding or not).

-Stefan Maerz
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