>On 03/07/2011 08:50 AM, Jeremy Nell wrote:
>> Ubuntu 10.10, GIMP 2.6, image mode is SRGB.
>> That's about it, really.  I import a photo, for example, and sometimes 
>> the Levels work and sometimes they don't.  Curves work, so I use them 
>> instead.
>> On 07/03/2011 09:46, Olivier Lecarme wrote:
>>> Jeremy Nell<jeremyn...@gmail.com>  wrote:
>>>> Unless I'm doing something wrong, Colour>  Levels only work half the time. 
>>>>  In
>>>> fact, right now, I have a photo open and Levels do absolutely nothing.  And
>>>> this happens regularly, but I've not figured out the pattern as to when 
>>>> they
>>>> work and don't work.
>>>> Curves, however, work fine.
>>>> Under what circumstances do Levels work?
>>> For me, Levels always works, in every circumstance. Please describe
>>> better your context: paltform, GIMP version, image mode, and so on.

>Maybe you are not using Levels properly? Do you use the five sliders? Or 
>can you post one of the "problem" pictures and tell us what you were 
>trying to achieve?

Can you post an example (along with a picture where it does not work) and let 
us know what you did exactly? A simple way to see if it works on not is to make 
some gross modifications such as using the gray dropper on a red or green spot.


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