>>I have a folder of lots of images i want to resize for the web. Is there a 
>>decent batch plug in for gimp 2.6.10. I am using ubuntu. I am newbie. I need 
>>easy to follow install instruction...lol


>While I would probably go for imagemagick myself, there is a learning curve. 
>You might find that it is already installed in your ubuntu, several 
>applications use it. Basic stuff is here
>http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/ and 

>A better bet might be David Batch Processor for Gimp. It is in the repository 
>under gimp-plugin-registry. The home page for usage is

>or as an alternative, Phatch, AFAIK this is in the ubuntu repo as well. Home 
>page and a download for a deb package if you need it.

David Batch Processor for Gimp is there better instructions on how to install? 
Make Install does not mean anything to me..thanks

billn (via gimpusers.com)
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