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> Just isntalled 2.6.11. I note that some people have
> installed 2.7.2. 
> Is there a summary somewhere of the new features available
> with 2.7.2?

Maybe is not exact the definition of gimp 2,7.2 "nightly build" may give a more 
clear idea.
since are ""nightly build" there are almost daily changes
But i suppose you refer to one of this build now compiled for Windows

Not sure where is the full list but i may point to some changes

new cage transform tool
single window mode available
fixed crash when using the text tool

but from this version are also visible the future changes in the API;
in simple words most of third party plugin and scripts WILL NOT WORKS
because all need to be modified to work with gimp 2.8 (and so with gimp 2.7.2)

that probably will be done(by their developers and/or volunteers ) at soon gimp 
2.8 will be out

In the while only a few plugin are updated (their win binary are on www.partha 
.com, same link for the 2.7.2 for Windows...and for the instrution to install 
it...really needed if you overlook instrution will not work )in the win 
registry you may found a few script offered in 2 version for the stable 2,6 and 
for 2.7

In case you want try 2.7 (for Windows )you may got some more tip on

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