When working with GIMP you can save your work in any file format you choose BUT your current work book will remain as xcf capable until you close it. So.... before you close GIMP-  SAVE your work as a xcf also! The rest is as Owen said - use layers, etc.
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On 21/03/2011 6:22 p.m., Owen wrote:
I am using Gimp version 2.6.11 under Mac OS X version 10.4.11.

I am having a problem that is driving me to distraction: When I close
a file and open it again, it is impossible to edit the text. Please
note that before saving the file, I have no problems editing the
text--so I have already passed hurdle.

It wouldn't be so bad if it was just a word or two, but I am in a
situation where I will have to delete several paragraphs of text and
re-type them in order to fix a small typo. With my typing skills, it
is likely that I will make another typo in the process. And, of
course, I don't remember what font I was using, or the type size,
etc. etc.

Any suggestions and explanations would be welcomed.

Possibly a workflow type of problem

1. put all your text on layers, even put revised text on a new layer
2. save you work as an xcf (native gimp format) all layers will be kept
3. use the eye icon in the layers to get your final version
4. Save as a jpg/png whatever

Not quite correct?

Reopen the xcf file, adjust as necessary, resave as xcf and then into
your final format.


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