//>I saw some mention (mailing list early 2001) of Gimp & the ability to set
>a clipping path.

>What is the current status on this?

>Has it been implemented or is it on the drawing board?

>Just curious.
>Eric Pierce//

Oh Eric, I do not know what's the actual function of clipping path in GIMP?? i 
found a nice definition for you to share what exactly clipping path mean, they 
"A clipping path is nothing!! but sketching the concluded compass reading or 
vector Path that image surrounds by the special hard edge which is done by many 
image manipulation software. You may think clipping path as a closed path 
usually acts like a clipping mask. They use 
Adobe Photoshop pen tool to knockout the outside path of an image."
Article Source: http://www.datapeoplegraphics.com/clipping-path.html

So, Eric you like it...All though i do not know any the above inside statement.

If you find your update status let me know. I am curious for your reply!

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