On Wed, Apr 06, 2011 at 06:15:52PM -0700, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>     gimp -i -c -d -b '(batch_fuzzy_border "./alyssa01.jpg" "pink" 40 TRUE 10
>     TRUE 50) ' -b '(gimp-quit 0)'
>     just worked for me with the attached versions of batchfuzzy.scm and
>     fuzzyborder.scm using GNU Image Manipulation Program version 2.7.2.  

Just tried it and it works in 2.6.11 as well.

>     I
>     made some changes here and there to fix errors in the scripts and to get
>     rid of calling deprecated methods.  

As these were scripts that were provided by my distro, I assume they are
somewhat 'standard' for GIMP. To know there are errors in it, is perhaps
more importand to solve then me getting errors.
Perhaps a good time to overhaul all the ones that come standard with GIMP.

As it was coming with GIMP the last thing I was thinking about was
problems with the script.

>     This may make it not work on earlier
>     versions.  YMMV.  I'm sorry that no one bothered to look at the problem
>     and led you on wild goose chases.  This group is usually more helpful
>     than that.

And I also should have looked at the group where I posted it as well. Will
get the solution to there as well.

> I should add that if it doesn't work on your version, you can ask and I'll get
> it working on whatever version you have.  You might have fun browsing the
> procedures yourself in the script-fu console.  If you need help figuring that
> out, let me know.  Where I put ./alyssa01.jpg you could also put "./*.jpg" if
> you would rather batch process a lot of files at once with the same arguments.

As I now have a starting point, I can start looking for solutions and also
see what I can do to get others working. Ones I have tried and had
problems with are batch-slide and batch-drop-shadow, but there will be
others as well.

For the next two weeks I won't have much time, so it could take a while
before I can give feedback about this.

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