Dear Folks!

My problem is not strictly related to Gimp, but I hope that Gimp can 
help me solve it and
I am sure that there are a lot of clever people on this list who can 
help me understand what is happening here.

I have appr. 100 pictures selected from the thousands taken of my 
wedding. I would like to send them to a
printer company, but the software they give cannot use them because of 
the failure that prevents IrfanView
from opening them too. The funny is that all the other picture viewers 
can open these pictures, including

I tried to open a picture with gimp, then save it in different formats, 
but they behave the same: IrfanView cannot open them.
I tried jpg with and without exif data, png, tif and xcf. The funny is 
that if I try to open it from inside gimp by file>open or
by drag-and-drop, it opens it without problem, but if I try to open it 
from the file manager, it gives an error message:
Opening 'C:\Documents and Settings\Ábel\My Documents\My 
Pictures\2009-04-25 Esküvo\p0023.jpg' failed: Could not open 
'C:\Documents and Settings\Ábel\My Documents\My Pictures\2009-04-25 
Esküvo\p0023.jpg' for reading: No such file or directory

One of the images is here:

What is the problem with these pics and how can I eliminate it?


ps. I am on Windose XP SP3
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