Tőkés Ábel wrote,

> Dear Folks!
> My problem is not strictly related to Gimp, but I hope that Gimp can
> help me solve it and
> I am sure that there are a lot of clever people on this list who can
> help me understand what is happening here.
> I have appr. 100 pictures selected from the thousands taken of my
> wedding. I would like to send them to a
> printer company, but the software they give cannot use them because of
> the failure that prevents IrfanView
> from opening them too. The funny is that all the other picture viewers
> can open these pictures, including
> Gimp.
> I tried to open a picture with gimp, then save it in different formats,
> but they behave the same: IrfanView cannot open them.
> I tried jpg with and without exif data, png, tif and xcf. The funny is
> that if I try to open it from inside gimp by file>open or
> by drag-and-drop, it opens it without problem, but if I try to open it
> from the file manager, it gives an error message:
> Opening 'C:\Documents and Settings\Ábel\My Documents\My
> Pictures\2009-04-25 Esküvo\p0023.jpg' failed: Could not open
> 'C:\Documents and Settings\Ábel\My Documents\My Pictures\2009-04-25
> Esküvo\p0023.jpg' for reading: No such file or directory
> One of the images is here:
> https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/QVOculUehRDqAywlBYIwwQ?feat=directlink
> What is the problem with these pics and how can I eliminate it?

I had no problem with that image displaying in IrfanView, GIMP or 
Windows Picture Viewer.

I suspect it may not be a problem with the image itself. What is the 
associated program that File Manager is trying to open it with? Is the 
file already open? Is it read-only? Are you able to copy the image to a 
directory other than "C:\Documents and Settings\Ábel\My Documents\My 
Pictures\2009-04-25\Esküvo\" and open it from there?

Bob Long
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