Rich06 <> writes:

> Newbie question here... I need to create some simple filled rectangles 
> however with a single corner being rounded and transparent so background 
> shows through the rounded part of the corner. I found some tutorials to round 
> all corners but not just the one corner... 

- New image

- Filters→Decor→Rounded Corners

- (Perhaps delete the drop shadow and the new transparent background,
  Image→Fit to layers)

- Fill/paint over the three corners you don't want

- Image→Scale Canvas to whatever size you want

> I tried creating a rectangle, filling it with color then using an eraser but 
> it wasn't transparent.

Your layer needs an alpha channel. Right-click the layer and add alpha
channel (not sure why it's called "add alpha channel" instead of "enable
transparency"...). Rounded Corners adds an alpha channel automatically


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