>jamessk wrote:
>> I am trying create a double button image like this
>> www.jkwptest.net/b-login.gif
>> Do you know how I create this in Gimp? It is possible?

>Is it possible? Yes. There is nothing special about that image. It is just 
>two individual button images placed side by side on a common background.

>I would start with creating a file to be used as a template for a button 
>(where you can change the label), and use that to create an image for each 
>button separately. The final step is to create a new image using the two 
>other buttons previously created.

>The template file will have several layers. Start with a transparent layer 
>and fill it with the shape of the button you want and fill it with a 
>gradient. You can use another layer for the outline and highlight around the 
>button or put that on the first layer. Add a text layer on top that will be 
>for the button label. Save this template (ie. as button-template.xcf).

>Set the text for the button as needed then Save As (or export) as a file for 
>the first button image. Alter the text layer and enter the text needed for 
>the second button. Save this new image.

>Now you can create a new file that is a bit more than twice the width of 
>each individual button and create new layers using the previously saved pair 
>of button images. Change background as desired. Save as .xcf (just in case), 
>then Save As (or Export) your final image.

Thanks for your help!

jamessk (via gimpusers.com)
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