I keep posing questions about this but so far I haven't gotten a useful

There used to be a pnorama tools plugin which allowed one to enter
corrections for specific lenses which I was able to find on the web.
That worked very well.  But I haven't been able to find that plugin for
recent versions of gimp.

There is a lens distortion filter, but you have to use it by trial and
error.   I haven't found any specific recommendations to use for
specific lenses anywhere.   And in some cases, nothing I try works.  I
attach an example below.  It was taken, I believe with a Nikon 18-55 mm
lens at 18 mm.   You will notice that there is no distortion at the
sides but significant barrel distortion as you move in from the sides.
No combination of major and edge correction that I've tried does any

Can anyone suggest how I should go about it.

P.S.   I understand that ahd I shot raw with my Nikon,  I might have
been able to do the correction more easily using ufraw.   Also, it might
be possible using hugin to correct the distortion.  But I would like to
be able to do it with gimp if I can.
Leonard Evens l...@math.northwestern.edu
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University

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