On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 02:00:11AM -0700, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>   I assume from your previous emails that you understand fuzzyborder and its
> arguments.   

I do. At least I understand the arguments 

> Unfortunately, it's written to work with an image in gimp, not a
> file on the harddisk.  

OK. Suddenly things are much more logical.

<snip a whole lot>

> If you have other scripts you want to run that expect and image or layer, you
> will have to write a wrapper script similar to this one.  Any differences will
> come from the arguments that the script expects.  You'll have to accept all 
> the
> arguments that the user will specify, along with a filename or fileglob, open
> the file, and then pass all the right arguments from the wrapper to the script
> you want to call.  If you get stuck, just tell me another script you want to
> wrap like this and I'll write a little tutorial.

OK. Thanks. Due to being busy (great weather in Belgium, so a beer is in
order) I will be looking at all of this in more detail at a later date.
It is a pity that documentation about this is pretty hard to find (at
least I was not able to find it) and should have a more promenet place in
the GIMP documentation, but then that is just my opinion. I can understand
if I am only one of the few who wants to processing many images at the
same time AND is basically a script kiddie.

I will see how far I get to do the same, with the explanation above, for
slide.scm and drop-shadow.scm and will post both failure and success here
most likely next week.

> If you have more questions, please ask.  I don't know what you don't 
> understand
> if you don't ask:)

I am very well aware of that. It is also hard to ask when you don't
understand what you are asking. ;-) I hate questions like "It doesn't
work!" and I hate myself for coming across like that.

Already I owe you a beer (or something else if you do not want beer) for
the efford you have put into this.

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