>On Saturday 23 April 2011 07:53:49 Carusoswi wrote:
>> So, I have used Gimp to downsize large architectural drawing 
>images from
>> Tiff's to jpgs.  Well, I always thought I was downsizing them.  In 
>> past, the process always seemed to make the files more usable 
>in the
>> application where I need to use the architectural drawings 
>without a
>> significant loss in quality.
>> This morning, I have had trouble following 'my process'.  
>Typically, I will
>> open a tiff in Gimp, save as jpg, export if prompted, then select 
>> of 40 or 50 percent, and the result is a usable file that is 
>> smaller than the source tiff file.
>> Today, the source tiff which is 900 mb in size is being converted 
>to jpg
>> which is 6 or 7 mb in size, totally unusable.
>> Additionally, if I simply open the source in Gimp, save it to 
>> directory from Gimp without making any changes, the file also 
>grows to 6
>> or 7 mb.
>> What am I doing wrong this morning that I have not been doing 
>wrong for the
>> last 6 months?
>> I am stumped (and frustrated because I have work to do).
>> Using version 2.6.11 in Ubuntu 10.10 if that matters.
>> I have a version of 2.7 on my Windows XP OS, and it will lock up 
>trying to
>> open these drawings.
>> It's curious, because, at 900 MB, I typically can use the drawings 
>> even altering or downsizing them.  Today, it's a problem.
>> What I really cannot understand is why Gimp is causing 
>unaltered files to
>> grow in size when saving them.  Is that normal?
>> Advice will be most appreciated.
>> Caruso

>Are the architectural drawings available in a vector format such as
>svg or pdf? These are normally much smaller for drawings etc. 
>than their bitmapped equivalents.

> If not you might have better luck importing them as bitmaps into 
>Inkscape and then converting them to svg or pdf using either trace 
>mode or outline mode. 

I am generally at the whim of the entity that issues the drawings.  These are 
only available in tiff format, but I will try your suggestion to convert them 
to vector format.  Thanks for the reply.  Any clues as to why Gimp is rendering 
unmodified tiffs at six times their original file size?


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