>I'm trying to write a script to batch proccess a number of files. I want the 
>script to open file a*.png, convert black color to alpha and paste image 
>b*.png on top of a*.png (both are the same size). The script converts black to 
>alpha, but it doesn't paste image.
>                ; ------------
>                ; this part doesn't work, I want to copy image2 into image
>                ; ------------
>               (gimp-selection-all image2) 
>                (gimp-edit-named-copy-visible image2 "dupa")
>                (gimp-edit-named-paste drawable "dupa" TRUE)
>                ;----------------------------------------------------------
>                (gimp-file-save RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image drawable filename 
> filename)
>Any help or suggestion how to copy image2 into image ?

I think "dupa" is still floating when you save your file, try to anchor it:
(let ((floating-sel (car (gimp-edit-named-paste drawable "dupa" TRUE))))
   (gimp-floating-sel-anchor floating-sel)

floditbob (via gimpusers.com)
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