Long time Inkscape user trying out my drawing tablet on GIMP for the first 
time.  I've only really used GIMP to manipulate photographs before.

With Inkscape, there is a mass setting (not velocity) so that the physical 
stylus and the virtual pen doesn't move at a 1:1 ratio.  With the mass setting 
on LOW, every movement of the physical stylus is tranlated exactaly to the 
screen;  with HIGH mass the virtual pen becomes less responsive so that small 
tremmors in your hand are smoothed out.

Here's another way to explain what happens.  With a high mass, it's not just 
like it's zoomed in on the image.  The painbrush simply becomes hard to move 
and one has to move the physical stylus a far distance to move the virtual 
brush.  In a way, setting the mass setting on the pen to HIGH is like the 
opposite of the "apply jitter" setting.

Playing with high mass and low mass allows for many artistic effects in 
Inkscape.  Does something like this exist in GIMP?
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