Gimp 2.6.11 on Slackware Linux:

1. Do python scripts go into the same folder as .scm scripts? If not, where? I 
find the .scm scripts in


2. I don't know either language but have programmed in COBOL and Tcl/Tk with 
side excursions into Perl, C and so on.  Given this background which will the 
easiest to master for my first plug-in?

The task I have in mind is "gel" text as described in "The Artist's Guide to 
Gimp Effects" on page 268ff. I did same for my current project but did not have 
much fun going through the 26 +/- steps over and over. 
John Culleton
"Death Wore Black"
Realistic police procedural
by retired police chief Bill Redding

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