John Culleton wrote:
> 1. Do python scripts go into the same folder as .scm scripts? If not, where? 
> I 
> find the .scm scripts in

Script-Fu scripts you want to add to your installation of GIMP should be
placed in ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts. For all other add-on plug-ins/scripts you
need to put them in ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins and they should be marked as
executable. Script-Fu scripts do not need to be marked as executable.

NOTE: If you are using the development version of GIMP the directory is

> 2. I don't know either language but have programmed in COBOL and Tcl/Tk with 
> side excursions into Perl, C and so on.  Given this background which will the 
> easiest to master for my first plug-in?
> The task I have in mind is "gel" text as described in "The Artist's Guide to 
> Gimp Effects" on page 268ff.

You can certainly use either language to save yourself a lot of manual 
steps. If you want other people to use the script then Script-Fu will give 
you the widest possible audience for it as Script-Fu scripts can be used 
with every GIMP install. If you are creating a script for your own use, you 
can use either language.

If you are mainly used to writing programs in a procedural language you 
might want to use Script-Fu/Scheme. GIMP also comes with about 100 Script-Fu 
scripts that you can examine as you learn how to write your own Script-Fu 
script(s). If you go the Script-Fu route, I would also suggest you get a 
copy of the R5RS (or the two main parts of the R6RS) Scheme standard 
documents and you format the Scheme code like you would other programming 
languages. This means no putting all closing ) on one line. It makes it 
easier to see the syntax and structure of Scheme while you are learning.

On the other hand, if you want to create a script to save you some work with 
a language that would be more generally useful for other things outside of 
GIMP, you would be better off with Python. It is mainly an object oriented 
programming language but you can still use it for procedural programming. 
Python scripts for GIMP may make some use of OOP features and there may not 
be as many scripts with GIMP for you to look at.

You can always get help on the #gimp-user IRC channel or this mailing list 
whichever choice you make.
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