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On 15 May 11 01:01 Christoph Schwitter <christophschwit...@bluewin.ch>
> If there is a way to do this? Or another way to get the same result?

Scaling down will always mean that, at some point, you will need to 
up-scale it with the consequent loss of detail.

Stitching several parts together will lead to a slow final process, 
which may coke if you have insufficient RAM.

Probably the only way to do it well is to ensure you have enough RAM 
installed, and that will mean an eeeennnooormous amount. The image 
size, that the GIMP works with is many times bigger than a JPEG file 
that you load. Check the status line on the GIMP. A typical 2.2Mb file
from my 9Mpx camera expands to around 80Mb once uncompressed for 
editing within the GIMP.
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