Hello everyone and especially to the gimp-user mailing list regulars.

I am trying to create a network infrastructure diagram for where I
work with Dia. (In fact it will actually help me much more than anyone
else, but that's not the subject.)

For this I am putting into the diagram, images of: servers, switches,
racks and so on. What I wish for those images is to have transparent
background. So far, I've been able to find decent resolution images
which it's because I've started with the latest hardware.
Here's an example, let's say for our Dell PowerEdge 6850 servers if found this:

which by fuzzy selecting the white background, with a threshold of
15.0 and some selection subtractions I've been able to turn to:
which is nice for what I wish to use it for.

Now, I've been able to handle some easy likewise situations but now
I've reached the vintage hardware and got bad results. Let me show an
example image:

This is more difficult to make it look as I wish since it's resolution
it's not decent and it also has a shadow effect which hardens a
precise initial selection which can then be worked out to a better

After some efforts I either end up with a pixelized image or with a
severely chopped image.

So, my question is how could I achieve the desired result for this and
such images?
How would do you work out similar or even more advanced cases?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention,
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