In this situations what I do is:

- select by either free tool or the scissors (depending on the case is 
easier with one or the other)
- create a layer mask from the selection
- adjust the little things than were not perfect

after that and optionally to simulate the antialias and avoid the hard 
- apply a gaussian blur to the mask (probably very little, 2-3px or so)
- to avoid the white aura around the object use the levels tool with 
that layer moving the left handler to the right until you are happy with 
the result

It's easier than it sound.

hope this helps and good luck!


El 24/05/11 21:58, Sophoklis Goumas escribió:
> So, my question is how could I achieve the desired result for this and
> such images?
> How would do you work out similar or even more advanced cases?

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