On 05/24/2011 10:23 PM, peter kostov wrote:
> Another option is painting on a layer mask - it is like the eraser tool,
> but much more convenient to rework and correct. But it is almost
> impossible to achieve crisp edges this way. For hard and crisp edges it
> may be better to use the pen tool and trace the contour of the object
> with it creating a path, that you can edit and later turn into selection.
> Have in mind that "color to alpha" removes the selected color from the
> whole image (except if you already have a selection).
What I do usually is restriuct color to alpha to a thin border around 
the object edges;

1) magic wand to select background, if the background is not uniform 
(JPEG artifacts, for instance) and there are unselected spots, 
shift-click them to include them in the selection

2) save that selection

3) shrink the selection 3 pixels

4) erase, this takes care of most of the backgound

5) restore saved selection

6) extend it two pixels so that is extends slightly inside the object.

7) apply color-to-alpha


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