Hello to all from Italy.

I'm Gino Testa, Creative director of the B&T Communication, advertising and
communication agency. It will be strange but from the birth of B&T we work
only with open source software like Gimp, Inkscape and Blender(the same
thing about the OS that runs on our machines(GNU/Linux)). I think we can
give to our clients professional works. You guys could take a look here on
our web site: www.betcommunication.com

Were our agency works, and i think in all our country, we are the only adv
and communication agency who do not use Mac and Adobe suite, i'm honest,
sometimes it was very hard but we are very proud of this! So after 1 year of
work, we want to contribute with the community to the development and the
evolution of Gimp(in things we in which we can be of help) and put our
experience avaiable to all.

We love open source.
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