On 05/29/2011 10:40 AM, Christopher Dawkins wrote:
> Please excuse a non-GIMP query, but I have been a GIMP user (an
> inexpert one) since the last century and this is the only
> graphics-related list I am on.
> My query is on http://archives.felsted.org/pdfprob/
> The problem is that images obtained from a Quark pdf with pdf2html
> appear in silly (approximately negative) colours, and I need a
> scriptable method to restore them.

Couldn't that be a problem of CYMK<->RGB mixup by pdf2html?

Or the images from pdf2html are actually JPEG in CYMK mode, and that 
mode is overlooked by the software you use to view the results, in which 
case you would just need a utility to convert CYMK JPEG to RGB 
(ImageMagick will likely do it).

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