>> My query is on http://archives.felsted.org/pdfprob/
> Couldn't that be a problem of CYMK<->RGB mixup by pdf2html?
> Or the images from pdf2html are actually JPEG in CYMK mode, and that
> mode is overlooked by the software you use to view the results, in which
> case you would just need a utility to convert CYMK JPEG to RGB
> (ImageMagick will likely do it).

Bingo! Bang on the nail! Very many thanks for this diagnosis. Just
found and tried the 'identify -v ' command and it reports 'Colorspace

More difficult, at the moment, is to convert it. All variations on
-colorspace fail to have any effect (on IM 6.6.3-10), and
-profile appears to be unrecognised. On GIMP there is a 'Rearrange
colormap' but it's greyed out: presumably the jpg has no colormap.

I'll plough on through Google (I have only FreeBSD and Ubuntu

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