***  PROBLEM SOLVED in 24 hours:

The problem was that jpeg images generated from Quark by pdf2html were
in silly colours.

>>> My query is on http://archives.felsted.org/pdfprob/
>> Couldn't that be a problem of CYMK<->RGB mixup by pdf2html?
> More difficult, at the moment, is to convert it. All variations on
> -colorspace fail to have any effect (on IM 6.6.3-10), and
> -profile appears to be unrecognised. On GIMP there is a 'Rearrange
> colormap' but it's greyed out: presumably the jpg has no colormap.

I posted this on an ImageMagick forum. The answer was that the images
needed TWO transformations. They were (1) CMYK and (2) negatives. So
the required command (two alternatives out of dozens of possibilities)

  convert -colorspace RGB -negate  index-1_8.jpg  RGB.jpg
  convert index-1_8.jpg -negate -profile USWebCoatedSWOP.icc \
             -profile sRGBSpac.icm RGB2.jpg

I apologise for creating noise on this forum for a non-GIMP problem,
but many thanks to Ofnuts for helping me on my way.

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