On 06/04/2011 02:01 AM, MM wrote:
I am not an expert, however I like to play with panoramas etcetera.
I use Gimp to retouch them once completed and I was looking for the possibility of use a watermark copyright on those photos before publishing them on photobucket.
I am looking for something similar to the above sample, is there any one able to help and let me know how I can make it with Gimp

This is a mere bump map:

- create a text layer with your copyright and make it invisible.
- select your image layer
- Filters/Map/Bump map, and use the copyright as the bump map.

You'll likely find plenty of scripts to do that.

If you have very many picture to process, investigate using ImageMagick instead.

And remember the rule: the size of the logo should be proportional to your ego and inversely proportional to the quality and interest of the picture :)

You can put an invisible copyright in the Exif/IPTC fields of the photo (good cameras can be set up to put the copyright automatically. in the shots they take).
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