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> My D3000 does a pretty lousy job at 800 and 1600.  I've tried playing with
> some of the tools recommended in Goelker's "GIMP 2.6 for Photographers"
> but didn't really see any noticeable improvements.  Also tried using the
> wavelet denoise in UFraw.  I downloaded a wavelet-denoise plugin and that
> seems to work a little better.  All tools were used on the single RGB layer.
> Any recommendations would be appreciated (aside from upgrading my
> camera- LOL) as I have a great but grainy shot of a Racoon at ISO 1600
> that I'd love to print.

I do all my de-noising outside of Gimp, using either Digikam or a
specific tool for the job (ie. Noise Ninja for Linux, which is
commercial). For the most part, I've found all noise reduction plugins
for Gimp to be lacking, especially for professional photography.

The only exception would be GMIC, which has the potential to be an
amazing noise reduction tool. It's like the Swiss army knife of Gimp
plugins. Specifically, Anisotropic Smoothing in the Enhancement
category can generate some outstanding results. Problem is, the
options are so numerous and arcane, I can't make heads of tails of
them. I've wasted tons of time adjusting options blindly until I was
happy with the results... but then I couldn't figure out WHY the
settings worked, so I couldn't really reproduce them reliably. Maybe
you'd have better luck with it:


Frank Gore

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