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> On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 10:45 PM, Byram <> wrote:
>> My D3000 does a pretty lousy job at 800 and 1600.  I've tried playing with
>> some of the tools recommended in Goelker's "GIMP 2.6 for Photographers"
>> but didn't really see any noticeable improvements.  Also tried using the
>> wavelet denoise in UFraw.  I downloaded a wavelet-denoise plugin and that
>> seems to work a little better.  All tools were used on the single RGB layer.
>> Any recommendations would be appreciated (aside from upgrading my
>> camera- LOL) as I have a great but grainy shot of a Racoon at ISO 1600
>> that I'd love to print.
> I do all my de-noising outside of Gimp, using either Digikam or a
> specific tool for the job (ie. Noise Ninja for Linux, which is
> commercial). For the most part, I've found all noise reduction plugins
> for Gimp to be lacking, especially for professional photography.
> The only exception would be GMIC, which has the potential to be an
> amazing noise reduction tool. It's like the Swiss army knife of Gimp
> plugins. Specifically, Anisotropic Smoothing in the Enhancement
> category can generate some outstanding results. Problem is, the
> options are so numerous and arcane, I can't make heads of tails of
> them. I've wasted tons of time adjusting options blindly until I was
> happy with the results... but then I couldn't figure out WHY the
> settings worked, so I couldn't really reproduce them reliably. Maybe
> you'd have better luck with it:

It's rather hard to find _simple_ tutorials for G'MIC, but see e.g.


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