I'm starting to get serious about photography. I've shot a batch of
photos that need manual processing. There are a couple of steps where I
should be able to save one or two keystrokes every time. This may sound
minor, but when I have to do it time after time after time, it gets
annoying. This is not intended to be a rant, but rather a request for
info about changing defaults to speed things up for me.

  I'm running Gimp 2.6.11 on Gentoo linux (64-bit). I've looked at
"Edit ==> Preferences", but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

  1) I need to crop photos, but the manual "crop tool" is not the best
fit. I prefer to use "Image ==> Canvas Size". My problem is that the
Width+Height aspect ratio defaults to staying constant. I.e. if I crop
the X size, the Y size changes proportionally. I do NOT want that. I
have to manually click on the link to break the linkage. Sometimes I
forget, which can get really annoying, when cropping in one dimension
crops the other as well. How can I change the default to not link the
X+Y sizes?

  2) Saving stuff to PNG
  *) After having done any cropping, I obviously want to save my work.
Saving to PNG pops up a dialog about "Your image should be exported
before it can be saved... blah, blah, blah". Yes folks, I know that. Is
there any way to get the PNG save routine to "just do it", rather than
popping up a dialogue?
  *) If I'm saving to a new PNG file, I get *YET ANOTHER DIALOGUE* with
settings for compression/interlacing/etc/etc. I never change the default
settings, so this is another extra annoyance to me. How can I get the
"save as" command to "just do it"?

 I know the above may sound minor, but it does get annoying after the
umpteenth time.

Walter Dnes <waltd...@waltdnes.org>
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