On 06/18/2011 08:15 AM, Walter Dnes wrote:
>    I'm starting to get serious about photography. I've shot a batch of
> photos that need manual processing. There are a couple of steps where I
> should be able to save one or two keystrokes every time. This may sound
> minor, but when I have to do it time after time after time, it gets
> annoying. This is not intended to be a rant, but rather a request for
> info about changing defaults to speed things up for me.
>    I'm running Gimp 2.6.11 on Gentoo linux (64-bit). I've looked at
> "Edit ==>  Preferences", but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
>    1) I need to crop photos, but the manual "crop tool" is not the best
> fit. I prefer to use "Image ==>  Canvas Size". My problem is that the
> Width+Height aspect ratio defaults to staying constant. I.e. if I crop
> the X size, the Y size changes proportionally. I do NOT want that. I
> have to manually click on the link to break the linkage. Sometimes I
> forget, which can get really annoying, when cropping in one dimension
> crops the other as well. How can I change the default to not link the
> X+Y sizes?
Use the right tool. Changing the canvas size may work but this is really 
the bad way and it may bite you back some day. The Crop tool is designed 
for this (btw, what doesn't make it the best fit?). Or use the rectangle 
selection and Image/Crop to selection.

>    2) Saving stuff to PNG
>    *) After having done any cropping, I obviously want to save my work.
> Saving to PNG pops up a dialog about "Your image should be exported
> before it can be saved... blah, blah, blah". Yes folks, I know that. Is
> there any way to get the PNG save routine to "just do it", rather than
> popping up a dialogue?
>    *) If I'm saving to a new PNG file, I get *YET ANOTHER DIALOGUE* with
> settings for compression/interlacing/etc/etc. I never change the default
> settings, so this is another extra annoyance to me. How can I get the
> "save as" command to "just do it"?
>   I know the above may sound minor, but it does get annoying after the
> umpteenth time

Make yourself a script to save the image to PNG, no questions asked. In 
Python that will be 20 lines tops. And you can assign  a keyboard 
shortcut to it.

Btw I'm wondering why you use PNG for photos?

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