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John Culleton <j...@wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> The excellent book by Michael J Hammel "The Artist's Guide to Gimp
> Effects" describes in detail the creation of "gel" text for book
> covers, web pages etc. I developed my own summary checklist following
> the guidance in his book. And it works in production. 
> The bad news is his list has 37 steps. And his book was written in
> the days of Gimp 2.2, looking forward to 2.4. Today 2.6.11 is the
> stable version and 2.7.x is in use by many. So I ask the group to
> look over the 37 steps listed below and evaluate whether there are
> better approaches available in e.g., 2.6.11 that can shorten the list
> a bit.

Are you sure that File->Create->Logos->Chrome wont do what you are
looking for?

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