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> > John Culleton <j...@wexfordpress.com> wrote:
> > > The excellent book by Michael J Hammel "The Artist's Guide to Gimp
> > > Effects"
> Thanks for the kudos.
> > > The bad news is his list has 37 steps. And his book was written in
> > > the days of Gimp 2.2, looking forward to 2.4.
> The 2nd edition for 2.8 is expected to be out in early 2012.  I'm trying
> to coincide the update with the 2.8 release so the book is relevant.
> I'm almost done with updating all the text, including quite few new
> tutorials.  I've been putting off making new screenshots to give the
> developers as much time as possible for UI updates.  But I'll be
> starting in on those very soon.
> > Are you sure that File->Create->Logos->Chrome wont do what you are
> > looking for?
> Kind of.  But understanding how to do it manually allows you the
> flexibility of making your own flavor of the effect.  That's the purpose
> of all the tutorials in the book - to teach technique without falling
> back on too many pre-built effects.

Well that was an authoritative set of responses! I will look forward to the 
new edition. In addition to being most informative it is a very handsome book.

I write, publish, index and lay out books. Your book sets a very high standard 
and I salute your product. 

In the meantime I will look at Chrome more carefully. Sometimes I use the 
routines under logos and modify the results to suit my needs. For example I 
almost always eliminate the background layer. Chrome may or may not match up 
to the routine taken from "The Artist's Guide to Gimp Effects" 

Stay tuned :<)
John Culleton

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