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>> P.S. The PDF they sell is in full color. And "wasn't significally more
>> expensive" doesn't really say anything.
> OK, let's see at Amazon.com:
> Beginning GIMP (full color, 557 pages)    $31.17
> GIMP 2.6 Cookbook (no color, 393 pages)   $38.19
> So I was wrong, the book in color is actually cheaper and the GIMP 2.6
> Cookbook is quite expensive compared to other books about GIMP.

Yes, you were wrong indeed. Except not the way you think you were :)

2nd edition of "Beginning GIMP" was published in 2008, while the book
in question is from 2011. Discounts tend to grow as books grow older.

Beginning GIMP was $49.99 originally
GIMP 2.6 Cookbook was $40.49 originally.

Also please note that Packt gives part of the revenue to GIMP project.
AFAIK , Apress doesn't do it.

P.S. So where is the review? :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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