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> Good morning,
> Have a customer requesting GIMP 2.6.x for project 
starting within 2 weeks.
> IT department requires the software to be tested and 
approved prior to any
> new software being installed within our Enterprise.
> Basically I understand GIMP to operate at the desktop...
>       It is an application that receives services from the OS
> ? what system ports (if any) are utilized by GIMP
> ? does the program traverse internet (80, 8080, 443 etc )
> ? are there any known vulnerabilities
> Appreciate your time and assistance.
> Thanks
> Rick
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Gimp is an Open Source program that runs on MSWin, OS X and 
Linux. It is similar in purpose to Photoshop but does not 
produce CMYK output, just RGB.

To install Gimp you download it over the Internet. Please 
visit http://www.gimp.org for details. 

The user can click on the help facility and view the Gimp 
Manual in an html viewer. Other than that there is no 
operational connection to the internet. No ports are 
opened. It is a stand-alone local program. 

 Gimp has been in use for many years on many systems in 
many shops. It is not scary. 

I know of no vulnarabilities. But I operate on Linux where 
vulnerabilities are seldom an issue. 

John Culleton
Former manager, Systems Application Programming, Link 
Group, Singer-General Precision

Former manager, Systems and Data Processing, Penberthy Div 
of Houdaille Industries.

Former Chief, Automated Systems Office, Baltimore City 
Department of Social Services.
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