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> Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 11:38:39 +0200
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> On 2011-07-09 16:45, R Kimber wrote:
> >>> Unity is not ready for prime time yet??  It's really lacking in a lot
> >>> of areas, and the UI experience is quite horrid.
> >>
> >> For those people using Ubuntu 11.04, Unity is the default environment in
> >> which they will be working. I very quickly removed Unity and installed
> >> Gnome on my computers.
> >
> > You could also choose the old classic Ubuntu from the login screen
> without
> > any removal/install actions.
> You could also select "Ubuntu classic" in System Settings -> Login
> Screen and it will be default for all future logins.

So, by all the replies slating Unity (which I think is great, actually),
might I assume that my original query is unanswerable?

Just a reminder of my initial "question".  I asked if anyone knows how to
make Gimp's window focusing work more intuitively in Unity.  For example,
when switching between workspaces, the focus defaults to the toolbox.
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