On 2011-07-15 14:00, Ville Pätsi wrote:
 >> Check the tab with saving/exporting options. It used to have a
 >> setting exactly for that.
 > I haven't used UFRaw in a while, but I remember that that option and
 > some others were available only if you start UFRaw as a standalone
 > application, not as a GIMP plug-in. So as a workaround you can run
 > UFRaw separately and save the photos as PNGs to open in GIMP.

Yes, now I found it. Actually, once it is set there, it works as I want 
it in the GIMP plugin as well. Nice.

 > Luckily Darktable exists now so one doesn't have to bother with UFRaw
 > on Linux anymore.

What advantages does Darktable offer over GIMP with UFRaw plugin?
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