From someone who's been following the development of GIMP a bit:

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 2:30 PM, Harald Pfeiffer <> wrote:

> 1) [...]So my first recommendation is that GIMP's SAVE IMAGE
>     window be restructured to cause the folder tree under the PLACES
>     heading, to always remain in sync with the active folder

I don't see any "tree" (then again I just looked over the dialog in
XP, not win7).  The items under "Places" are just bookmarks for
convenience that can be added/removed.  GIMP uses GTK's file Open and
Save dialogs, which differ a bit from native windows dialogs. It may
just be that you'll need to spend some time getting used to the

> 2) [...]    So my second suggestion is to clarify the file type selection for
>     saving files so that it becomes intuitive and unmistakable.

The upcoming version will divide "Save" from "Export" - where saving
will produce XCF files (native GIMP files) and exporting will produce
formats like BMP, PNG, etc.  In 2.6 I leave the 'By Extension' area
minimized and just put the desired extension in the filename.  So if I
was working on 'image.xcf' and wanted to save as BMP I would do 'Save
As' and type'image.bmp' in the filename box, and it will produce a BMP

> 3) The third issue is one of esthetics.  GIMP is divided into separate
>     windows.

Single-Window Mode is coming in the next version (as an option).  In
the meantime, use the <Tab> key to show/hide the dialogs and toolbox.

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