>> 2) [...]    So my second suggestion is to clarify the file type selection for
>>     saving files so that it becomes intuitive and unmistakable.
> The upcoming version will divide "Save" from "Export" - where saving
> will produce XCF files (native GIMP files) and exporting will produce
> formats like BMP, PNG, etc.  In 2.6 I leave the 'By Extension' area
> minimized and just put the desired extension in the filename.  So if I
> was working on 'image.xcf' and wanted to save as BMP I would do 'Save
> As' and type'image.bmp' in the filename box, and it will produce a BMP
> file.
On this topic, I have a question. With this new "Save" and "Export"
feature, will it be possible to save an .xcf and export the image all
at once? As in I press save, and two files are generated (or

The boss is rather indecisive frequently, and I have to go back and
manually edit a bunch of diagrams.

-Stefan Maerz
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