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>> >> When I right click on a Layer the pop-up box with all the choices is
>> >> still behind the multidialog box.
>> >That's not at all the supposed behavior. The pop-up menu should appear
>> >above all windows. What version of of GIMP are you using, and on what
>> >version of Windows (since I assume you are using Windows)? And what is
>> >the size of your screen?
>> I am using GIMP 2.6.7 on Mac OSX 10.6.8. Screen on 1440x900. 

>So you have a large screen and a reasonable operating system. But you
>should shift to version 2.6.11 of GIMP. See

>If this wrong behavior persists, you should contact the person in charge
>of GIMP on OS X.

I installed 2.6.11 and the behavior is the same. I am going to use GIMP on 
Ubuntu that I installed on the same computer. 
Thanks for all your help
This forum is the great. 

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