I googled, but haven't found anything particularly recent regarding this. BTW, 
is there some way to search these forums? I can't find it.
Please don't take this as snarky. I admit I'm a bit frustrated with the SLOOWWW 
pace of development. Sorry.
So, what's up with 16/32bpp support? In this day and age, it's rather 
essential. Why is it taking so long for higher than 8bpp color depths to be 
integrated? SOOOOO many other apps have it, and HAVE had it for quite some 
time. Many of them are open source. Is it really necessary for the GIMP devs to 
develop a completely new system (GEGL) to support this? Pull code from other 
OSS projects?? Why not??
The best info I've found is contradictory. The official GIMP site states that 
ver 2.8 will support high bit depth color. I found a post, on here actually, 
stating that 2.8 will NOT support high bit depth color, and that it will take 3 
- 4 years (!!!! WTF ????) for GIMP to have that.
come ON!!!! Please???
and, in general, why is GIMP development so slow??
so y'all's can blast me now for my impertinence to ask about this. but 
seriously!! it's taking for fricken EVER!!!

thanks, l8r,

artao (via gimpusers.com)
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