Some points:

* These are not forums. This is a mailing list. Accessing it through the
unofficial 'forum interface' doesn't change that fact.

* The official GIMP site has problems, mainly to do with lacking a
maintainer. It tends to be only updated on releases and other major events
like Google Summer Of Code. So it's often not up to date with any more minor

* GIMP developers are fairly committed to doing this the right way, rather
than the simple/buggy way. What does this mean? Well, for example,
   Photoshop is still yet to properly support high bit depth (16/32bpc)
images -- instead it provides a small subset of operations. Most other image
manipulation apps I've tried, this is also true for. This is by way of

* Supporting multiple image types in a generic, non hacky way is a HARD
problem (mainly because of all the existing code that is built around
obsolete assumptions). One of the Michael's has been developing a testing
system, which as it matures will allow code to be upgraded more aggressively
(because it will provide a way to determine, automatically, whether said
code is still behaving *correctly*). There is also a GSOC project currently
underway to port some of the default set of GIMP plugins to the GEGL

* There are not very many active GIMP or GEGL developers. So, in a real
sense, it's because YOU (for whatever value of you) are not progressing the
development of GIMP and/ or GEGL.
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